Pfriends O’ Mine – August 22, 2015

Saturday we watched much needed rain move through, and for a while, there was that question: Will there be a show tonight? We not only got the rain, we got to have a great show with some friends of ours called “Phriends O Mine”. They were John Talley on 12 string, harp and vocals, Mike Adams on banjo, James Scrimshire on guitar and vocals, and a special guest, Phil Campbell. The weather was incredible, another perfect August evening for music in Mount Ida.


Pfriends O’ Mine on the Front Porch Stage
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John and Mike kicked off the first set with “Tell Me”, a Michael Nesmith (Monkees) tune. There set was a real mix of great folk, rock and country. They played a great Steve Earl song, “I’m Gonna Get Out of Here Someday”, and the crowd went all in on the rest of the show as John took it into country with “Am I that easy to Forget”. They responded kindly to “Less than An Angel”, a Dave Almond tune.

John Talley

John Talley

John performed a stunning version of John Lennon’s “Watching the Wheels”, and the crowd let him know they really appreciated it. The rest of the set went country, with John and James Scrimshire teaming up on “Crazy Arms”, “Jambalya”, “She Thinks I Still Care”, “Make the World Go Away”, and an original from John, “Lonesome Johnny Valentine”.  Then, ” Hey Good Looking”, and we went to break with an old tune, “Wallflower”.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams

John opened the second set with a great version of Bob Dylan’s “The Times, They Are A Changing” that was very well received. He followed with a beautiful folk version of Tom Petty’s “Heart So Big”. His original “You Don’t Love That Cowboy” got great response.

John has always found the classic oldies that nobody else plays, like his great cover of Procol Harem’s “Whiter Shade of Pale’. He picked up the  pace with his original “Chain Gang” that got the crowd rocking. John invited Phil Campbell up to sit in the hot seat after Phil told him he would get up and sing Johnny Cash’s “Folsum Prison Blues”, which he did and did an outstanding job; Phil received a lot of whooping and hollering from the “Phriendly” crowd.

James Scrimshire

James Scrimshire

James came back on stage, and the show moved back into country, with “Today I Started Loving You Again” and “Walk on By”.  They moved into a folk version of “Wagon Wheel” by request. Mike Adams got into the act with “Hot Burrito Breakdown”, a banjo-driven instrumental.

As the evening came to a close, James was featured doing a great version of “Your Cheating Heart”. John ended the show the same way it began, with a Michael Nesmith tune called  “JoAnn”. What was left of the crowd was hollering for more, but we were out of time.

Big Thanks to John Talley, Mike Adams, James Scrimshire and Phil Campbell – “Phriends O Mine”!!

Special thanks to all our volunteers that make this happen, and last but never least, THANKS everyone who came out for this great show! Hope to see you all again soon!

Diamond Blues Band – August 15, 2015

We were again blessed with the best weather ever for an August concert, and we were also treated to a great blues concert from The Diamond Blues Band!

The first set of the day, and good blues pours out of the stage while the sun is pouring in.

The first set of the day, and good blues pours out of the stage while the sun is pouring in.
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We knew The Diamond Blues Band as “Community Blues” when they came here in 2013. We had them scheduled for 2014, but the leader of the band, Lawrence Snowden, broke his leg, and we had to cancel. We are very happy that we were able to have this great Arkansas band on our stage again. The Diamond Blues Band are Lawrence Snowden on guitar and vocals, Donell “Dooney” Williams on guitar and vocals, Ron Whisenhunt on keys, harp and vocals, Ed Lacerra on guitar and vocals, Dr. Ryan Johnston on the drums and Steve Turner on the Bass. Dooney was a late arrival straight from his job, but he got into the second set big time.

The Diamond Blues Band opened their first set with an Etta James tune, “Rock Me Baby”, made famous by BB King and Eric Clapton. Despite competition from the Montgomery County Fair and a Senior Center dance this evening, there was a very good turnout for this show, and the crowd got enthusiastic from the start.

Lawrence Snowden sure can sing the blues!

Lawrence Snowden sure can sing the blues!

Lawrence has that silky bass baritone style, perfect for the blues. Their set was filled with great tunes, from “Down Home Blues”, “I’ll Play the Blues for You”, “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone”, “Some Boy’s Gonna Lose”, and  a great tribute to BB King’s “The Thrill is Gone. The crowd really got into it when they cut loose with “My Girl”, and they gave Lawrence resounding applause for “For Your Precious Love”! Ronnie Whisenhunt got into the act with a great version of “I’m Missing You”, with Lawrence backing him up vocally and Ed ripping a great blues lead. The band wrapped up their first set with “Stormy Monday”,  a classic version of 
Tyrone Davis’ “Sure Wouldn’t Me”, and a downright killer version of “Hoochie Mama”!

The Diamond Blues Band opened their second set with Dooney doing the vocals of the late great blues singer, Marvin Sease’s “Gotta Find Me a New Dog”.  The band got to share some vocal harmonies on
 “I’m Easy Like Sunday Morning”, “Rainy Night in Georgia”, and “Let’s Straighten It Out”. The crowd really got into the bluesiest version of “Mustang Sally”, and when they were called to do some sing along, it was totally great. I thought the ladies got the edge on the singing of the chorus, but it was close. They took it back to the real blues with “Everybody Knows About My Good Thing” and “It’s Flooding Down in Texas”. The band wrapped up their show with “Susie Q” and finished it off with “Proud Mary”.

The Diamond Blues Band

The Diamond Blues Band

Special thanks to the Diamond Blues Band for coming to Mount Ida! We enjoyed your music, and we certainly look forward to your return to the Front Porch Stage in the future.

Big Thanks to all our volunteers at the Possum Store, The Back Porch Kitchen and the stage volunteers!

Last but not least, THANK YOU to all our friends and visitors who came out for this great concert!

Thank You to all who come to the Front Porch Stage to enjoy and support Live Music!

Thank You to all who come to the Front Porch Stage to enjoy and support Live Music!

Casey Penn Band with Roger King – August 8, 2015

Saturday was a warm one, but we had a strong cool breeze from the east most of the evening, and it was very comfortable for everyone.

Casey Lee Penn from Benton brought her fiddle, family, friends, and a very special guest, artist Rodger King, to our Porch.

Casey Penn Band with Rodger King and Casey's daughters.

Casey Penn Band with Rodger King and Casey’s daughters.
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They opened the show with Casey’s daughter, Amelia, singing and playing ukulele on a song about friendship, followed up with “You Are My Sunshine” with daughter Natalie. Casey played one of her favorite songs, “All My Tears”, a cover written by Judy Miller. They mixed the first set with some fine instrumentals with Casey on the fiddle, Stan Townsend on Guitar, Brian Nalley on banjo and mandolin, William Penn on the upright bass, and Rodger King doing a little dobro as an added treat. Stan took the show into country mode with “My Mama’s Hungry Eyes”, and Casey followed with “Your Cheating Heart”.  They moved into some gospel with “Wayfaring Stranger”. The rest of their set was most enjoyable and they closed with Casey and Rodger performing an original, “Hang My Head in Sorrow”, that was a real crowd pleaser!

The second set was kicked off with Stan and Casey doing an old gospel tune,”House of Gold”, and they followed up with an original gospel number called “No More Tears” that Casey and Rodger cowrote -a real fine tune too!, and Rodger demonstrated some great Dobro playing.

Rodger King and Casey Penn

Rodger King and Casey Penn

From that point on, the band got to take short breaks while Rodger and Casey took the show into the songwriter showcase. Rodger has been writing for over 35 years, and combined with his fine guitar playing, his tunes went over really well. He performed a solo number called “Slow Moving Freight Train” and picked some mighty fine licks that got great response. Casey sang a song called “From the Road” which she cowrote with another friend about truck driving over the road. One of the best tunes of the day was Rodger’s  “This Here Bottle”, and Brian played a little background harp. Rodger displayed his gospel writing skills with “Keeping My Eyes On Jesus”, a fast-paced country rock sound that was a crowd pleaser.

Casey told us about missing her Dad and sang a tune called “One Step Away” that she cowrote with Rodger. They changed directions all together with a tune called “Passing Time” about life in the “Passing” lane. They finished their showcase with a final tune, “Oceans I Have Cried”, a beautiful sad song about heartbreak. They closed their show with Amelia and Natalie joining them in the finale, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken”, and the crowd got to sing along.

If you let the earlier heat of the evening keep you away, be hopeful with the rest of us that we’ll be seeing these fine folks again down the road.

Special Thanks to Casey Lee Penn, William Penn, Amelia and Natalie Penn, Brian Nalley, Stan Townsend and Rodger King, Thanks for coming to our Front Porch Stage!

Big thanks as always to the dedicated volunteers who make this happen, and last but never least, BIG thanks to everyone who came out to support live music!

Dave Almond and Zane Barham – August 1, 2015

Our August got off to a great start with our good friend Dave Almond! Dave filled in for The Clantons, who had to cancel for some health issues. We wish our old friend Dan Clanton a speedy recovery from what ails him.

Dave brought Zane Barham, a great electric slide player, and they put on a heck of a show!


Zane Barham (left) and Dave Almond.
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Dave and Zane kicked off the show with a great laid-back original from Dave’s “Red Neck Blues” album, “How It Is”, and followed it up with a great cover about Cajun living. Dave’s first set was mostly covers from country, rock, folk and blues from such great bands like The Band, Bob Dylan, BB King and others. His cover of “The Thrill is Gone” was excellent, with Zane giving his respect to BB with a fantastic blues lead. Our small but enthusiastic crowd really loved the tribute.

Dave confessed that he didn’t know much new country, but he did know some old country, and the crowd really enjoyed his version of “My Buckets Got a Hole In It”, as well as the cover of Lowell George’s “Willing” and JJ Cale’s “Magnolia”. They wrapped up the first set with a great version of Ozark Mountain Daredevils’ “Black Sky”.

Happy with a copy of Dave's "Red Neck Blues"

Happy with a copy of Dave’s “Red Neck Blues”

During the intermission, Dave gave away a few copies of his vinyl album, “Red Neck Blues” and had a great time autographing some of the copys. The album cover has a real connection to us: Jane Babbitt created the pencil portrait of Dave that graces the cover.

The second set was all about originals, and those who stayed for the second set got a real treat from the git go with Dave’s “Go On Devil”, “Bullet”, “Take Your Time Coming Home”, and “Inbarceration”, about working in the bars.  His “She Don’t Need Me” was one of the great moments with some great slide work from Zane. “Can’t Keep Up With These Joneses”, was  a great blues original and the folks loved it. (We might like the blues around Mount Ida!) “Oklahoma Sand” was delivered with Dave’s usual enthusiasm, and that one line, “Got no dollar bills to line my pocket, money goes in slowly, leaves like a Rocket”, paints a clear picture of how thin and slippery that Oklahoma sand really is. Dave and Zane closed the show with a great version of the Allman Brothers “Statesboro Blues”. A great ending for another great show!

Follow Dave on Facebook to see where he’s playing!

Special BIG thanks to Dave Almond for filling in for The Clantons, and an even bigger thanks for bringing another Arkansas treasure to light with Zane Barham on that electric slide guitar! We sincerely hope to see more of both of them.

A special thanks to All the Volunteers who help with the Front Porch Stage every week.

We appreciate all who come to the Front Porch Stage to support live music in Mount Ida!

We appreciate all who come to the Front Porch Stage to support live music in Mount Ida!

And last but never least, THANK YOU ALL for coming out to see our shows!

The Salty Dogs – July 25, 2015

What a wonderful day! It started out really warm with showers of rain here and there. Around 2p.m. it came a real downpour for just a few minutes. With the rain came much cooler air and by show time it was the perfect sit outside evening! The Band showed up pretty early and we got in a sound check before all going over to the Mexican Restaurant for a nice sit down dinner.


The Salty Dogs! A great country band from Little Rock. Mount Ida enjoyed your music!
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The Salty Dogs are Brad Williams on electric and acoustic guitars and lead vocals, Nick Devlin on lead guitar, vocals and harmony, Brent Lebeau on the upright and vocals and Bart Angel on the drums and vocals. For the last twelve years they’ve been perfecting those licks and harmonies to get to our stage, and they put on a show!!

Their first set was a great mix of covers and an original or two slipped in there. They opened with a rousing “Nine Pound Hammer”, and the crowd immediately knew they were in the right place. Their country came out with a great twangy version of “Sweet Heart of Mine” 
with a great slide lead by Nick (from Scotland, for real) Devlin. Brad followed with a sad country song, “This Honky Tonk Living is Gonna Drive Me to Drinking”. The crowd really showed some appreciation with hooting and hollering!

They settled things down some when The Salty Dogs did the Johnny Cash hit, “I Still Miss Someone”.  They did a great cover of the Stanley Brothers tune, “How Mountain Girls Can Love”, and the crowd loved it. They did a exceptional job on a real sad song, “Long Black Veil”, performed a capella to begin and eased into some great guitar work, then back to a capella; the crowd really responded with applause and shouts. They picked up the pace with a fine version of “Do You Love Me Like You Used To”, which had a great lead guitar solo by Nick.

The Salty Dogs!<br />(Nick Delvin (lead guitar & vocals), Bart Angel (drums & vocals), Brad Williams (lead vocal, guitars), Brent Lebeau (bass & vocals))

The Salty Dogs!
(Nick Delvin (lead guitar & vocals), Bart Angel (drums & vocals), Brad Williams (lead vocal, guitars), Brent Lebeau (bass & vocals))

Brad brought out an original called “My Blood Runs Cold” about the prison and justice systems, 
and our folks gave it a warm response. After a band introduction, they broke into a swing tune that I’m calling “Must Be Jelly”, where they took it down for some great solos from Bart, Nick, and Brent. They moved back into known territory for our crowd with the beautiful “Silver Wings”, and right on schedule, the sun set to the west. Another Merle tune – “Working Man Blues” –  got the crowd to tapping their feet. They closed their set with some gospel, a medley of “God So Loved the World”, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken”, “Uncloudly Day” and “I Saw the Light”.

During the intermission, Brad did a little merchandising, and the rest of the boys visited with friends old and new. You never know who you might run into when you visit the Front Porch.

The band got the second set started with a country rock tune called “Look Me Up” that had the crowd rocking. Nick Devlin took the lead vocals in a country blues shuffle “They Call Me Dr. Brown” and ripped some great blues licks, which got a great response for his solos. They stayed in the pure country vein that included the song “Starting Now”, a great original that Brad took to Nashville. The crowd gave an early approval for the rocker “Little Sister”, and as the end of the show neared, they got a great response for another original, “It Takes One”, a really fine love song. They wrapped up their evening with a tune about preachers bashing rock and roll with “Shout It Out”, A cover of the ‘Stones “We All Need Someone We Can Lean On” which got the crowd rocking, and they finished with a real country rocker “You’re Never Gonna Slow Me Down”.

A great crowd enjoying the music of The Salty Dogs.<br />Thanks, Everyone, for coming out and supporting live music in Mount Ida.

A great crowd enjoying the music of The Salty Dogs.
Thanks, Everyone, for coming out and supporting live music in Mount Ida.

The Salty Dogs, performing live on a beautiful summer evening on the courthouse lawn in Mt Ida, Arkansas, on a Saturday night – what a treat!

Thanks Everybody for coming out for this great band!

The Clark Family Trio with Bill Nesbitt – July 18, 2015

Another perfect evening weatherwise and a wonderful evening of music from The Clark Family Trio with Bill Nesbitt.

The Clarks are from the outskirts of Searcy, and Bill is from Little Rock. Bill is a great guitarists and teaches all kinds of instruments. The Clarks are Cindy, mom and bass player,  Sophie, just turned seventeen singing some great songs and harmonies,
 Sally Ann will soon be twelve, sings like a pro … she is, you know. Together they are great, as those who enjoyed their show will attest!

The Clark Family Trio with Bill Nesbitt

The Clark Family Trio (Mom Cindy, Sophie, and Sally Ann) with Bill Nesbitt
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They opened their first set with a great cover of a Crosby Stills and Nash tune, “Helplessly Hoping”, followed with an Andrews Sisters song circa 1940, “Three Little Sisters”. Then a little gospel with “I Am the Man”, a bluegrass tune turned trio.  Sally Ann was featured on a Gillian Welsh tune, “All I Want”,  then Sophie featured on “Dream a Little Dream for Me”. Another gospel song, “Red Clay Halo”, featured Sally.

Mom Cindy then took the lead in a great version of “I Can See Clearly Now”, and the crowd got into singing and clapping. Bill switched to banjo for a Laura Lewis tune, “The Oak Road”. Sally shined on “Old Sloughfoot” that the audience loved.


Sophie and Seth performed a couple of songs together. Nice sounds!

Sophie is becoming a great guitar player and while the rest of the band took a break she did a couple of songs with the help of her boyfriend Seth. They did “Carnival” and another song, “Lay Low”, both beautifully done.

The rest of the group came back to finish the first set with an amazing acoustic version of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”. They then took a short break to visit with some new and old friends.

When The Clark Family Trio and Bill Nesbitt took the stage for their second set, they opened with a real bluegrass tune called “A Little Bird Told Me So”. They followed that with another Andrews Sisters tune called “Oh Johnny”, circa 1945. Cindy took the lead on a Jim & Jesse bluegrass song, “Pardon Me”. They kept the bluegrass going with Sally Ann doing “My Old Kentucky Home”. Sophie followed with a terrific version of a Patsy Cline hit, “Blue”, and she nailed it!

Gospel plays a part in every show, and their version Gillian Welsh’s “Round Round” had the crowd going. Sally took the lead for a tune they took from the movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” – “You are My Sunshine”. A total change of direction followed with the Beatles song “Let It Be”.  More gospel followed with a sing along ‘I’ll Fly Away”, and an a capella “Walking in Jerusalem Just Like John”. Our crowd was most appreciative!

As their time wound down, they played an old Dobie Grey song, “Drift Away”, dedicated to Phillip for his birthday. I couldn’t tell you what they played last year but I’m almost willing to bet that Phillip probably remembers!

The crowd at The Front Porch Stage really enjoyed the performance by The Clark Family Trio with Bill Nesbitt.  Thanks for being here!

The crowd at The Front Porch Stage really enjoyed the performance by The Clark Family Trio with Bill Nesbitt. Thanks for being here!

The group closes all their shows with “I’ve Been Everywhere”, and our crowd really enjoyed hearing their incredible version of this old Hank Snow classic. A wonderful evening with a wonderful group on a beautiful summer evening!

Our Many Thanks to The Clark Family Trio, Bill Nesbitt, Seth, and all of the friends who came out to support live music. Big thanks to the crew of the Back Porch, The Possum Store, and the Front Porch Sound Crew!

And Most of all, thanks to everyone who comes out to support our efforts!

Remember you can always help by securely donating to the Front Porch Stage through the Paypal “Donate” button here on our website.

Acousticatz – July 11, 2015

We were thrilled that The Acousticatz finally got to play on the porch again! Last year Pete was afflicted with kidney stones and the year before it rained them out. It was an absolutely beautiful day in Mt Ida! Buddy Case, the original Acousticat showed up a little early and we made use of his time sound checking with a new original “The Dirt Road Home”, which Buddy cowrote with an up-and-coming poet. Pete and Patti had the thrill of a lifetime in June when they got to perform at the Grand Ol Opry.

The Acousticatz opened their show with a great old bluegrass instrumental, “Black Mountain Rag”, and followed it with the first train song of the day, “Blue Train”.

We always love having the Acousticatz on the Front Porch Stage!

We always love having the Acousticatz on the Front Porch Stage!
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Patti relayed to us about the band almost winning the Colgate Country Showdown; they made the finals and lost to some really cute yodellers. They stayed in the total bluegrass vein with Will Visit Me on Sunday, a sad song for sure.

Buddy Case

Buddy Case

The band followed with an original written by Buddy about going “Back to Tallulah”, and Buddy said it didn’t matter which one. The next tune was “The Gypsy Waltz”, and Pete jokingly remarked that while picking tomatoes he was stung by a waltz. Pete was featured on that old bluegrass classic from Fats Domino, “I’m Walking”. Patti told us a story about meeting Crystal Gayle in person, and they played “Waiting For the Times To Get Better”. Buddy was featured on guitar on a fine intrumental he wrote called “Gothic Jazz”, and the audience was loving it.

Patti LaFleur

Patti LaFleur

When the band is as good as The Acousticatz, they can play just about anything, and when they played “The Last Thing On My Mind”, and Buddy inhaled some dust or pollen. Patti told us a story about playing a wedding and trying to find a happy bluegrass song to play, and they did a great version of “Til the End of the World”. They went back into their originals with another song written by Buddy, a beautiful “Wish I Were A Poet”. They ended their first set with a fiddle favorite, “Listen to the Mockingbird”, and Pete showed out on the bird calls and threw in a dog to top off the birds! We went to Intermission, and a lot of folks got a chance to visit with the band and pick up some of their CDs.

Pete Brown

Pete Brown

While the band was on break they took some requests and opened their second set with some gospel. The crowd really enjoyed “Walking in Jerusalem Just Like John”, which gave Pete a chance to get with it on the mandolin. Buddy then tore up “I Am A Pilgrim”, followed by an old gospel favorite, “You Don’t have to Move That Mountain” featuring Pete on vocals. Buddy played “Ode to Chet” in honor of Chet Atkins and told the story of hearing of Chet’s death while broken down on Mt. Shasta while on a trip, and when he got home wrote this great song. They followed it up with the classic “He’s In the Jailhouse Now”. They tore up “Free Born Man”, and the crowd loved it.

They got back to some real bluegrass with the great Bill Monroe tune, “The Walls of Time”. The next tune was an original that Pete and Patti wrote about the sadness of Pete’s Dad being in the nursing home with Alzheimers, called “Daddy’s Gone Away”. Buddy shined on an instrumental, “See You In My Dreams”. The Acousticatz then pulled out their second train song and played a rousing version of “One Way Track”! They pulled another Buddy original out of their bag, “Ghost of Ghettysburg”, about the ghosts of the Civil War.  The next tune was Patti’s favorite, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, and the crowd loved it. The Acousticatz wound things up with a real crowd pleaser, “The Orange Blossom Special”.

Our thanks and gratitude go out to The  Acousticatz, Pete Brown, Patti LaFleur and Buddy Case for coming to play for us. It’s always wonderful to have these terrific musicians visit Mount Ida.

Our thanks also to everyone who came out, and special thanks to the volunteers that make it happen every Saturday night on our Front Porch Stage.


The Prairie Grove Band – July 4, 2015

Our Independence Day program featured our local favorites, The Prairie Grove Band, and they did not disappoint!

The Prairie Grove Band performing on July 4, 2015.

The Prairie Grove Band performing on July 4, 2015.
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Prairie Grove opened the show with Mark Willborg leading an all-American version of our national anthem. Jerry Lambert led the band in a fine “Battle Hymn of the Republic”. On several occasions the band has performed “Where Stars and Stripes and Eagles Fly”, and the crowd gave them and ovation for this version.  Mark did the lead vocals on a very stirring version of “In Color” as a tribute to all the old folks and veterans who lived through the depression, World War II and the ensuing years.

The band then took off with some great country music, with Jake Powell nailing “Gone Country”.
 Tommy Johnston took the lead vocals on “Don’t Sing Me No Song”, a song about Texas. Mark did a great job on love lost to another with his version of “Just to See You Smile”. Jake followed with a crowd favorite, “Who Do You Know In California”. Terry Kinsey got in on the act with an old, old, old Hank Williams tune, “Cold Cold Heart”.

We never know what to expect from Prairie Grove and everybody was pleased when they broke into an A Capella lead into “Can’t You See”!  Tommy then took us down another country road with “Mississippi Squirrel”, about a squirrel getting loose at the Sunday service at a church down in Mississippi. Jerry Lambert followed with a more serious song he wrote called “Circle”, a really beautiful tune. They put Jake up front on a great version of “My Farewell Party”, as a tribute to Gene Watson. Tommy got the call to do an oldie, “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo” which the crowd really liked. They liked the next one even more, when Mark did The “Fishing Song”, another great country song about choices, fishing or a wife: “Lookey there, I got another bite!” They finished the set with a rousing version of “Queen of  Memphis”, about falling in love with a southern belle!

We got a special treat from Joe Carmack and the grandkids doing “Everything is Beautiful”. Our audience really appreciates the work that goes into being grandpa and teaching the kids to sing! Jake, Melissa Lewis and Mark took turns on vocals on “I Won’t Take Less”, and then Jerry and Melissa did a great duet on “Bring On the Rain”. Tommy got the nod on the next song and dedicated it to Jerry Lambert ( a little inside joke) on a boogie woogie oldie written by Moon Mulligan and Chief William Redbird, “The Cherokee Boogie, Hey Holina”. They rocked it out, and Tommy introduced the band during the intro to the song.

This is Joe getting his grandkids in on the act, Someday they will be the Act!

This is Joe getting his grandkids in on the act, Someday they will be the Act!

They got back to some real country with Jake taking the lead on “I’ll Try”. It’s a love song, just like the next rocker, “Mountain of Love”. Tommy followed with the classic “You Don’t Know Me”, that love song about just being friends with someone you really love. Terry was next up with that old “Little Red Wagon”, about giving that sweetheart a ride in, of course, that little red wagon. It was back around to Jake doing a drinking song called “Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down”, drinking to forget that didn’t work. Mark took it a bit further with “Tonight the Heartache’s on Me”, bartender pour the wine…
 Tommy lead the band through a good version of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”, and they closed their concert with a driven version of “Walk Softly On This heart of Mine”.

Tonight’s show wasn’t as well attended as most Prairie Grove shows, but it was Saturday night on the Fourth of July, the weather was great, and we hope everyone had as much fun as we did during this, The Front Porch Stage’s fourteenth Independence Day Celebration!

Happy Birthday, America!

The Gable Bradley Band and Klair Ann – June 27, 2015

We were watching the weather like we have been all month but the bad stuff went all around us, and by the time we were ready for a show, it was perfect.

Klair Ann entertains the Front Porch Stage crowd!

Klair Ann entertains the Front Porch Stage crowd!

We kicked off the show with a special treat from Zachary, Louisiana – Klair Ann! Klair and her family were here at last year’s show and met the Bradley family. They hit it off from the git-go, and Klair actually took part in some shows with the band while they toured Louisiana and parts south. Klair is fourteen but sings like a aged talent.

As an opening set, Klair managed to demonstrate that great voice, despite a technical glitch that produced only part of her selected musical background. She started off with “Somethings Got A Hold of Me”. She thanked us for the chance to play on the porch. She continued to sing some great jazzy rhythm and blues, Americana, and blues. Her “Me and Bobby McGee” was well received as was her version of John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery”.  Her “Gimme One Reason to Stay Here”, “House of the Rising Sun”, “Chain of Fools” and “As Long As I Can See the Light” gave us a sample of her range and grasp of the songs. She finished her set with “Son of a Preacher Man”. She got a resounding ovation for her set and a second ovation when they learned she’s just shy of fifteen years old! She was a great addition to the show, and we’re sure we’ll hear great things about her in the future.

The Gable Bradley Band are Gable, Tucker, and Spencer Bardley and Brandon Lovelady, all from Hot Springs, and Dayton Swords on lead guitar from Nashville, TN. Last year they performed as an acoustic trio, so we weren’t sure how their full band would go over. Go over indeed! They started their set with one of their older tunes, “Fire and Gasoline”, a real rock tune about the volatility of young love. Gable loves Bruce Springsteen and always likes to play “Dancin in the Dark”. Gable writes a lot of love songs, and “Make You All Mine” was just one of his great original tunes.  Gable’s tune, “Carry On” had that country country rock feel, and the crowd really liked it!

The Gable Bradley Band

The Gable Bradley Band
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At this point the band took a break and we were treated to Gable’s song, “Johnny’s June”. This song reached the top of the alternative country charts over the winter. The good folks enjoying the Front Porch Stage liked it a lot too! Gable then invited Klair Ann back to the stage, and they performed an incredible version of Sam Cook’s “Bring It on Home to Me” with Dayton Swords on the lead guitar. 
Gable was joined on stage by his brother Spencer and they performed “I’m on Fire”, another Springsteen cover.

To finish the set, the band rejoined Gable and Spencer to do an original called “Where We Belong”, a rock/country rock tune that should be a hit! With that they went country with a great version of “Wagon Wheel”, which did get our audience engaged. They followed it up with a pure rock cover of “Summer of Sixty Nine” and even though none of them experienced that particular year they did a great job on the tune. They premiered a new tune about the wild side with a tune called “Wild Side”, and followed with another rocker off their latest CD called 
”White T-shirt”, which will surely be a hit. They concluded their concert with an usual version of 
part original/part cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Falling”.

We thank Gable Bradley and company and their families, and Klair Ann and her family, for coming to Arkansas to be part of our show!

And Big thanks to all of you who recognize the
 nature of original music in it’s many forms!