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The Prairie Grove Band – July 2, 2016

July got off to a great start with a fine Prairie Grove concert. We had a good crowd, and the weather was cooperating, with a nice breeze across the lawn.

We kicked off our evening with the playing of the National Anthem, and the band stayed in the patriotic mode, with Jerry Lambert doing a great job on “America”!

Always a good turnout for Mount Ida's own Prairie Grove Band<br />(Click on this image to view more photos from July 2, 2016)

Always a good turnout for Mount Ida’s own Prairie Grove Band
(Click on this image to view more photos from July 2, 2016)

This week’s Prairie Grove show featured some special guests and some news from the band. This week, the band make up was Mark Willborg on vocals and leader of the band, Jerry Lambert on keyboards and vocals, Tommy Johnston on bass and vocals, Terry Kenzie on drums and vocals, Jake Powell on acoustic and vocals, and Joe Carmack on the electric guitar and vocals. The incredible Earnie Johnston on lead and rhythm guitar was a guest performer and played the entire show. Melissa Lewis was featured on a couple of tunes, and we got a peek of the future with Jeb Willborg doing a solo. There is music in his future for sure. Doyle Rowland took the evening off to recover from heat stress and was staying in the cool. This Saturday’s show was Jason (Jake) Powells “Farewell Party” as he takes leave from The Prairie Grove Band to join his nephew Hayden as the drummer for The Caddo Cowboys.

Prairie Grove will be back on the porch on September 3rd and we encourage you to come hang out with us!

Playlist from the show:

The first set; America, Where the Stars and Stripes and Eagles Fly, In Color, Unchain My Heart, Cowboy In Me, I’ve Got Mexico, Golden Ring (Melissa and Mark duet), Hesitation Blues, Garden Party, Loved Them Everyone, I’d Lie to You for Your Love, Coca Cola Cowboy, Fool Hearted Memory (Jeb Willborg solo), Killin’ Time, On the Road Again, and I Don’t Even Know Her Name.

The second set; Good Woman Blues, When I’m Far Away From You, Abilene, Coal Miner’s Daughter (Melissa Lewis), Circle, She’s Got the Rhythm, Woke Up In Love, Always Wanting you, Boogie Grass Band, My Farewell Party, and Old Time Rock and Roll.

Our thanks to the Prairie Grove Band and all their guest performers. You never really know what they’ll show up with but it’s always good!

Big thanks to the volunteers in the Back Porch Kitchen and the Possum Store!

Huge thanks to our visitors who came to us from all over Arkansas and to those folks from Oregon, California, Louisiana, Texas and Virginia! And, many thanks everyone for coming out to enjoy and support live music in Mt Ida!

Come Hang Around With Us!

Dave Almond and John Talley – June 25, 2016

It’s always special when two great musicians join up and put on a show! We were privileged to have Dave Almond, who resides just outside of Hope, AR, and John Talley from out there in Owley. When these two get together it’s always a good thing, and Saturday was no exception. They’re both great guitar players and having them swap licks made the show even better. This was Dave’s fourth time back on the porch, and John’s umpteenth.

Dave Almond and John Talley. Always good together!<br />(Click on this image to view more photos from June 25, 2016.)

Dave Almond and John Talley. Always good together!
(Click on this image to view more photos from June 25, 2016.)

Dave brought a few copies of his vinyl album, “Red Neck Blues”, and some CDs, which he gave away. He performed a few songs from that album.  One highlight of the first set was John performing one of Dave’s tunes, with Dave adding some great guitar work. As the show progressed they took turns swapping leads. John did a great cover of Tom Petty’s “Heart So Big”, and Dave graced it with a fabulous guitar lead.

A small but enthusiastic crowd expressed appreciation to Dave and John for a fine show filled with original tunes. Many of our audience are fans of both of these great musicians!

Playlist for June 25th:

Set one: “Red Neck Blues,” “Bullet,” “Joneses,” “Heart So Big” (John ), “Testify,” “She Don’t Need Me” (John doing a Dave tune), “Don’t Try to Save Her,” “Someday,” “Go On Devil,” “How It Is,” “Incarceration,” “Johnny Valentine” (John), and “Buy That Now.”

Set two: “Take Your Time Coming Home,” “Chain Gang” (John), “I Been Lost,” “Rescue Me,” “Tell Me” (John), “Ophelia,” “My Bird Won’t Sing,” “Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat,” “War,” “Oklahoma Sand,” “Rage Repressive Passive Aggressive Manic Depressive Tendencies,” “Southern Belle,” and “Hit the Road Jack.”

Huge Thanks to Dave Almond and John Talley for the fine show! You guys are always appreciated and enjoyed on The Front Porch Stage!

Thanks to all our volunteers who make this possible, and Biggest thanks to all who come out to support live and original music. You’re the Reason! Come hang around with us!

Interstate Thirty – June 18, 2016

It’s always a great time for us when Interstate Thirty makes a pass through Mount Ida! This Saturday was no exception, and they played a really great show. Interstate Thirty came by their name because they are scattered up and down the interstate and practice requires most of the band to get on that road.

Band members are Derrick Ball, guitar, vocals and leader of the band; Peyton Murphy on mandolin and vocals; Ben Carden on banjo and upright bass; Paul DeWeber on fiddle, vocals and jokes; Darrell Drennan on Guitar, upright bass and vocals; and, Robert Stane, all things with strings and vocals. All these fellows are great musicians, and their appearances on our Front Porch Stage have always been excellent. Paul DeWeber was absent from the line up, as he was taking his family cross country to visit family in Washington state.

And it's on with the show!

Interstate Thirty on The Front Porch Stage!
(Click on this image to view more photos from June 18, 2016.)

Playlist for the June 18th concert:

Set One; “East Virginia Blues,” “Fast Train To Georgia,” “Wheel Hoss,” “If I Lose,” “On My Way Back To the Old Home,” “99 Years,” “Sugar Coated Love,” “Southern Flavor,” “Who Will Sing For Me,” “On the Sea of Life,” “Rock Salt and Nails,” “Vincent Black Lightning,” “Fox on the Run,” and “Sweet Blue Eyed Darling.”

Set Two; “Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms,” “Big Spike Hammer,” “Sledd Ride,” “In the Gravel Yard,” “I’m Walking,” “Nine Pound Hammer,” “Blue Virginia Blue,” “Sun of My Life,” “A Beautiful Life,” “Crying Holy,” “Redwood Hill,” “Mama Tried,” “White House Blues,” and “El Cumbanchero.”

HUGE THANKS to Interstate Thirty for bringing their great band to Mount Ida for another sterling performance.

Big Thanks to all our volunteers for their efforts in making this happen, and finally, biggest thanks to all of you who came out to support our live music on Saturday Nights!

Posey Hill – June 11, 2016

We always love it when Posey Hill returns to our stage.  This year makes the fifth time they’ve come back since that first appearance way back in 2005. Since then the band has done nothing but get better.

This version of Posey Hill features: On lead vocals – Erin Wisniewski; on bass & vocals – Kristian Miller; guitar & vocals – Doug Burnett; banjo, mandolin and guitar – Chuck Hughes; and on fiddle – Paul DeWeber. A very fine guest appearance by another Burnett daughter, Megan, who got into the act.  Kristian, Erin and Megan are all Doug’s daughters.

Posey Hill - Great Bluegrass on the Front Porch Stage!

Posey Hill – Great Bluegrass on the Front Porch Stage!

Posey Hill’s show was a classic mix of bluegrass, folk, indie, gospel, and country, with great tunes from Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel,  Dan Fogelburg, John Prine, Hank Williams and more. Doug and all his daughters have that most special family harmony that shines and with the fabulous musicianship from the rest of the band. It all makes for a great concert.

Playlist for Posey Hill, first set:
“Shady Grove,” “Morning Sky,” “Freight Train,” “Pony,” “Don’t Think Twice,” “Boxer,” “Talking Dirty In Hawaiian,” “Lonesome Blues,” “I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You.”

Second Set:
“The Door” (original featuring Megan), “The Soldier,” “Out Here in the Cold,” “Last Hard Bible,” “Love Is A Rose,” “Troubles and Trials,” “Angel Band,”  “Bury Me Beneath the Willows,” “Lady Mule Skinner Blues.”

Big Thanks to Posey Hill, Doug Burnett for rounding everybody up, Chuck for driving such a great distance, Paul for sitting in on fiddle and Mandolin. Big thanks to all the volunteers, and Biggest Thanks to everyone who came out for live music on Saturday nights.

Mike Mayberry and the Slowhands – May 28, 2016

Good Ol’ Days in Mount Ida

Our Good Ol Days weekend got off to a slow start with the decision to cancel the Good ol Gospel show Friday night. Turns out it wasn’t the best call but we thank The Prestons and The Rose Family for their understanding about the crazy weather and poor forecasts from weather pros everywhere.

Click on this image to view some photos from the afternoon's Good Ol' Days festivities

Click on this image to view some photos from the afternoon’s Good Ol’ Days festivities

John Talley performs at Mount Ida's Good Ol' Days.

John Talley performs at Mount Ida’s Good Ol’ Days.

Saturday turned out to be an exceptional weather day, overcast and cool all morning then clearing and a perfect day for everyone involved. We started our Good Ol Days music with the one and only John Talley who played a variety of great tunes and his set included his own originals and a tune written by Dave Almond. John has played for us on Good Ol Days every year for the last ten years. Big thanks to John for kicking off our music in a fine fashion.

Mark Gunter, from "just past Hope"!

Mark Gunter, from “just past Hope”!

Our second performer came to us from as he puts it, a little beyond Hope. Mark Gunter is from near Hope and his short set was all original and as he put it, “a trilogy of humorous despair” We’ll be seeing more of Mark in the future and send out big thanks to him for coming up from “somewhere past Hope”!

Crossroad on the Front Porch Stage

Crossroad on the Front Porch Stage

Our third group, Crossroad is a new Contemporary Christian band. They are Vance Wright, drummer, his wife Michelle on keyboards, Ernie Johnston on lead guitar and harmony vocals, Brandon Sandlin on lead vocals and his wife Kandis also on vocals. Kandis is Vance and Michelle’s daughter. Landis is also the primary song writer for the band. Their set was mostly original Praise and Worship songs.

One of the big crowd favorites is a tradition we started in 2014. Around 2pm we have invited all the car show participants to show off a little with an engine start up. It’s noisy for sure but the crowd loves it and we get a chance to hear some really great engines making the kind of noise we wish our own engines could make.

Car show awards took place at 3pm. We had a break to set up Mike Mayberry and The Slowhands and got a great sound check.

Mike Mayberry and the Slowhands

The Slowhands are Mike Mayberry, a native of Mt Ida now living in Hot Springs on lead guitar and vocals and leader of the band. Gary Bell always on Mike’s right hand on keyboards and vocals from Hot Springs. On the drums and vocals, Ralph Coulombe also from Hot Springs. J.D. Hazel wood rounds out the group on bass and vocals. J.D. and Mike swap guitars once in a while and J.D. takes a turn on vocals. Special guest Neil Johnston also made an appearance on guitar and vocals.

Mike Mayberry and the Slowhands.  Click on this image to view photos from the evening's performance with Mike Mayberry and the Slowhands.

Mike Mayberry and the Slowhands
(Click on this image to view photos from the evening’s performance with Mike Mayberry and the Slowhands.)

The show got started a few minutes after 6 pm when Mike joked that he was late because he walked all over Mt Ida trying to buy some beer and almost everyone got the joke. When they did get started they didn’t stop.

Mike Mayberry and Neil Johnston.

Mike Mayberry and Neil Johnston.

About an hour and a half into the show they paused for a minute to get Neil Johnston on stage for a few tunes. Mike tells the story that he made a deal with Neil, swapping roof work for guitar lessons. Neil says it was the best 20 minute lesson he ever gave, Mike got the licks and Neil got a roof, a good deal all around for everybody. Mike and the Slowhands continued after Neil’s appearance and ended up playing until we had to tell them to stop. They did a three song medley encore and Good Ol Days came to an end!

Many folks dropped by to tell us how great the band was and we agree. The good news is that Mike agreed to come back next year to do it again next year! Big Huge Thanks to Mike and the band for a great time!

The Front Porch Stage sends out big thanks to everyone who came out to play for us, John Talley, Mark Gunter, Crossroad and Mike Mayberry and the Slowhands. Special thanks to our all volunteers who worked the long hours to make this year’s Good Ol Days one to remember. And last but not least Thanks to our faithful friends and to our visitors from as far away as Wisconsin, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri and our Arkansas visitors from Pine Bluff, Mena, Russellville, Dover and Waldron who come out to our Good Ol Days. You are always welcome to come hang around with us!

Whistlin’ Dixie – May 21, 2016

Saturday’s weather was perfect for The Front Porch Stage and the Tri-County Relay for Life fundraiser.

John Talley performs for the Relay for Life crowd in Mount Ida.

John Talley performs for the Relay for Life crowd in Mount Ida.

John Talley provided about a half hour of live music for the Relay for Life participants. Big thanks to John and Phil Campbell for coming out to help with the set up for Whistlin Dixie!

Whistlin’ Dixie was raring to go, got in an early soundcheck, which revealed how great the show was going to be.

Whistlin’ Dixie started out with Darrell Davis and David “beezer” Wagler performing as a duo at Horseshoe Ranch near Jasper, Arkansas. Since those days the band evolved to include Wesley Davis of Deer, Arkansas ( Darrell’s brother), on acoustic guitar and vocals, Drummer David Bowie from Vilonia, Arkansas, and yes that is his real name. Robert Akers from Sherwood, Arkansas, on bass rounds out the band as it is now after three years.

Whistlin' Dixie from in and around Newton County, Arkansas. Thanks, Y'all!

Whistlin’ Dixie from in and around Newton County, Arkansas. Thanks, Y’all!
(Click on this image to view more photos from May 21, 2016)

From the first note to the last, the Whistlin’ Dixie concert was a joy fest of great tunes being played perfectly. Their selection of material covered a big range of music from country rock to folk to old country, new country, outlaw and red dirt and originals. From Dylan to Skynrd, George Straight and Merle. “Wipe Out” to “Mustang Sally” … It was all there and all great.

Whistlin’ Dixie set list:

Set One: “Workin’ Man Blues,” “Party With You,” “Tulsa Time,” “I’m Gonna Be Somebody,” “Neon Moon,” “Luckenbach, Texas,” “Cowboy Rides Away,” “Don’t Close Your Eyes,” “Long Haired Country Boy,” “Mason Dixon Line” (a Whistlin’ Dixie original), “Anymore,” ‘Feet Don’t Touch the Ground,” “Almost Home,” “People “Round Here” (Whistlin’ Dixie original), and “The Ride.”

Set Two: “Fireman,” “Lonesome, Ornery and Mean,” “Simple Man,” “Can’t you See,” “Folsum Prison Blues,” “Ramblin’ Fever,” “Country Boy Can Survive,” “Wagon Wheel,” “Honky-tonk Nighttime Man,” “Copperhead Road,” “Wipeout” (Yes, “Wipeout”! done to perfection. David “Doobie” Bowie nails the surfer classic!!!), “Mustang Sally,” and “Honky-tonk History.”

Big thanks to Whistlin’ Dixie for coming to Mount Ida! Great Band! We sure hope to feature you on the ‘Stage again!

Thanks to everyone else who helped out with the Relay for Life! Thanks John Talley and thanks to our friends and visitors who came out for the show!

Big Thanks to our Front Porch, Back Porch, and Possum Store Volunteers!!